UGC-AICTE to adopt cluster approach for similar functions

NEW DELHI: Coming together for the first time, the two higher education regulators — University Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) — decided that a cluster approach may be adopted clubbing officers of both the regulators to deal with similar functions.
A meeting of all the bureau heads of AICTE and UGC was convened on Wednesday. In the meeting, both the regulators agreed to work mutually in areas of research and innovation, e-governance, translation of books in regional languages and examination reforms, among others. The meeting was chaired by M Jagadesh Kumar, chairperson, UGC is also the interim chairperson of AICTE.
Kumar at the meeting noted the need for unified functioning, undeviating regulatory framework and standardized processes. He emphasized that both the higher education regulators must work in a synchronized manner, learn from each other, share and adopt each other’s best practices and have a coordinated approach towards different aspects of higher education.
According to a statement, post detailed deliberations, it emerged that both UGC and AICTE must share a symbiotic relationship and mutually work on matters such as faculty development programme, students and faculty induction programme, skill development, internships, internationalisation, pursuing two degrees simultaneously in physical/ online/hybrid mode and Indian Knowledge System and universal human values, among others.

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